Hele Biker

About me

It all started with some love. Everything is about love after all, right?
Nothing in life happens without a reason: the love I felt for a man at a certain moment in my life brought me face to face with the biggest love of my life: Harley Davidson. I instantly fell for her shapes, sound, weight, power, vibrations, her darkness and her brightness combined, and let’s not forget about the erotical side. 
I used to call the nocturnal rides on the back seat of his motorcycle “my erotical flights”.
And shortly after our first encounter I got my licence and bought HER, my first Harley Davidson, The One. It was so easy to chose: 883Iron Black Denim.

And so it began… the real adventure, my real love story. I have started travelling solo, just me and my bike; we connected from the very first moment and nothing was the same ever after. 
Hundreds, thousands kilometers together, discovering my bike and discovering myself… transforming together: equilibrium, concentration, focus, listening, loving and most importantly being FREE. I am a free dreamer and I feel it in every inch of my body. It’s all about Freedom.

No planning, no schedules, just starting the engine each morning and living freely. Every time we fly together magical things happen: the amazing people I meet, the beautiful places I discover, the thoughts and feelings I experience, love, the tears falling from my eyes, the uncontrollable smile on my face. Chest in the wind, hands freezing on the handlebars, eyes on the open road… me and my Harley, we are One…and we are Free. This is my Freedom.

Every time, after riding freely for many miles, coming back home gave me the chills. Days of sadness, nostalgie, and wondering, and a very strong desire to hit the road again: with her, just me and her. It was that very moment that I understood that my home means “returning for having from where to depart again”. I found a dream, my dream. I understood that my place, my home is on the road with my bike. This is FREEDOM! Descovering the world, living the present moment, giving and recieving love, accepting this life. Following a calling.

Follow my destiny: Hele Biker – She rides the world