Hele Biker

Very soon I will be happy to share with you what is calling me, where am I and where I will go. What moves me to move the mountains… If they cut your wings fly with the soul. This is what I said three weeks ago. Three weeks in which I continue to fly with my soul, with the hope and accepting. Accepting that everything happens with a reason, that there is a right time for everything. Accepting to feel myself betrayed, to feel the delusion. On the other hand, I received so much from all over the places, from friends and from people that suddenly become my friends. I saw my family and I received their blessing. I have changed 7 different houses and I had an encounter… a beautiful encounter.

Thank you so much to all the people who’ve been in my life in those three weeks, from the moment that I arrived with my bike broken to the gas station on the highway, till the moment that I arrived with my bike on the boat three weeks later.
These being said I want to lanch into the univers a good and warm thought for all of them:
Dario, Simone, Dana, Chris, Andrea, Marco, Iuliana, Luca, Matteo, Marin, Pietro, Lucia, Maria, Cornel, Tudor, Lucian, Nicola, Ale, Diego, Leo, Diego, my parents, my sister, my brother and brothers in low, my nephews and their dog, my grandmother, all the parteners that didn’t abandoned me.

New updates very soon.

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