Hele Biker


It wasn’t terribly bad but it was not easy at all. My experience 


More than a month and a half ago I was diagnosed with Covid-19. After a very long and restrictive quarantine for me, exactly on the very first day when the lockdown has been removed, I was diagnosed with the virus. I was one of the persons who respected the most the quarantine rules. In 3 months I left the house maybe 3 or 4 times respecting the curfew and the protection rules.

I had the chance to stay over at a wonderful family. Fortunately I did not had the necessity to go out for essential things.

But even though, it happened. We don’t know how, when and from who we got it, but it just happened. We are a big family with different necessities, with people going at work or going out for primary necessities. So it happened. We were all in this boat together and the way we went through this long quarantine made us stronger. We went through this important trial as a family!

My specific case it was not very dangerous and I did not need hospitalization. But what I can say is that it was not light at all. My most important symptoms were: very strong caught, pain chest, shortness of breath, pain all over my body, extremely fatigue and sleepiness, complete loss of taste and smell.

Once I received the result I was immediately transferred in a hotel where the moderate cases like mine were sent. Everything was on the government charge and under medical supervision. I stayed there in isolation for about 10 days, alone in a hotel room with all the facilities and an excellent service. A medical team was monitoring the patients the entire time, with psychologists, social assistance and all the best services to have a complete support.

During those days my symptoms little by little started to diminish.

Meantime in the country and in our specific city, Jeddah, the situation exploded and as a consequence of the relaxation of the restrictions the number of infection increased dramatically. The hospitals were full, the hotels were full as well. So they started to send home the patients with improved symptoms even before the due time. This is how it happen in my case as well. I was sent back home after 10 days and not after the 14 days as I thought but I had the obligation to continue to self isolation for the remaining time.

I came back home and I stayed isolated in my room (in the same situation with the most of the family). My cough was always lighter and it seemed that my body was preparing for a complete recover. But it was not like that. After a few days everything seemed to be back to normal but the symptoms reappeared. Almost as  strong as in the beginning.

By that time Saudi Arabia decided to not test anymore for the second or the third time. The most valuable indicator that they used was the absence of the symptoms.

With very big insistence  and some help I made it to have the second test because I really wanted to understand if the strong symptoms I had back were because of the virus or if they had other causes.

So after about 20 days since I had my first symptoms I was diagnosed another time positive!

By that time I made also all the exams, X-ray, blood test, ECG and for the first time I was given medication.

And this is how I started the second turn of self isolation, for other two weeks locked in my room. I took the medication and little by little I started to recover.

That period was once one of the most difficult for me because when I less expected I had a a psychological downfall.

I fought with all my forces physically and mentally, I accepted the situation as it was, with no panic, fear or anger. I focused to overpass and to be strong even for the others and when I thought that was finished, that I could take my life back, when somehow I putted the guards down and especially when I was completely out of any drop of energy, I was hit by the news of being still positive. Fortunately I had precious support and important tools that I achieved over the time in my life and this downfall it did not last too long. I made it to stand up in short time and to refind myself because I was completely lost.

Meanwhile Saudi Arabia has removed any restriction (except reopening the borders) so maybe even this made my situation more dramatic.

But after several days of complete disappearance of the symptoms I timidly started to go out little by little for short walks respecting absolutely all the protection rules, not getting in touch with anyone etc.

My biggest problem at that point was the impossibility to have another test. In the government system I show up as RECOVERED so there is no need for me to do the test again according to their criteria.

I’m completely healed at this time and it’s been almost two months since I got the virus.

I started to do short trips around, solo or with my friend who was in the same boat. Little by little I started to have my life back.

I’m healed both physically and mentally. I’m ready to face the new life POST CORONA.

What do I have to say to you about this? I don’t want to convince you of anything. I experienced this from inside and in different ways, being surrounded by people who experienced this but in very different ways.

For me Corona virus was not  just a simple flu. For me corona virus left some signs that I will probably carry on for a long time.

I went out of this with a sensitivity of the lungs, and with a reduced resistance of my body. It will take some time to have my body back as it was before.

Stay safe! Think about you and the others.

It might happen. I did all this, I was respecting all the rules, I was an example for anyone and it still happened to me!

Corona virus is not always something terrible, for me it wasn’t. But it might be!

For me it was just hard. Another trial to overpass, another important lesson of life.

I could write for days about all that period, about the lessons I learned, about the deep introspection I had all that time.

For some of my friends that get to find out just now about this , I ask you to pardon me! I wanted to speak about all of this only when I was sure that me and all the beloved ones around me were completely safe. I wanted to preserve my energy and to avoid useless and unhelpful worries.

If any of you has questions or needs information about this topic, I will always be here for you. That’s why I’m sharing my experience.

Be safe and stay protected!!!